TWKB aggregates

TWKB (Tiny WKB) can be aggregated and nested. The result is a special type. Since the TWKB-geometry holds it’s own ID (like many text-based gis-formats) , the result of an aggregation of many TWKB-geometries also nests the ID’s into the new aggregated TWKB geometry.

This gives us possibilities like creating a type of vector tiles on the fly. I have tried to demonstrate it here, but I didn’t get it as visual as I had hoped.

Those types is described as type 21-24 in the first draft of TWKB-specification.

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2 Responses to “TWKB aggregates”

  1. Regina says:


    You plan to committing this once we branch to 2.2. I guess we should probably vote, but I’d definitely like to see it. Standard json format I find still a bit heavy for a lot of my needs and would like to try this out especially since you have working under leaflet which I’ve started to use for my lighter apps.

    Unfortunately its difficult for me too since I have my hands full testing the basic core alone, but if its part of core, I’d be happy to flip some of the things I currently use basic geojson calls for this to compare the performance.

  2. Nicklas Avén says:


    I agree it would be very nice to get it into trunk, but maybe it is a little early. The TWKB format will be a moving target for a while when more people starts to look at it. There are some open questions about the design. I will try to write about the obvious ones.

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